New Patients

Welcome, New Patient!

Please read carefully:

We require that you complete your new patient intake forms prior to your appointment.  Once we receive your completed paperwork, we will confirm your appointment date and time by email.


New Patient Intake Form


Your first appointment will consist of a comprehensive evaluation by the specialist. This includes a thorough review of your history, your current symptoms and/or problem list, and any past or present treatments you have tried.

The doctor will then decide on an appropriate care plan for you, which may or may not include any testing.

A separate testing appointment is often needed, in order to prepare you and the clinic with an appropriate testing plan. For example, some patients require an allergy test appointment, while others may need testing over 3 – 4 days. Details will be discussed with your physician at the time of your new patient visit.

If the doctor recommends any blood work or radiology (x-ray), he will send you to an outside facility for the requested diagnostic test. Please note, that we do not perform any blood/lab diagnostic testing in this office.


  • It is ultimately the patient responsibility to verify and understand insurance benefits ahead of time. Our office bills your insurance as a courtesy, and it is to your advantage to fully understand your benefits and coverage ahead of time, including deductibles, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Even if you have a referral or authorization from a referring physician or your insurance, this does not guarantee payment of services.  You will still be responsible for any patient balance after claims have been processed.  Our office collects Deductible payments and any required deposits, at the time of service. Please inquire for any estimates of cost specific to your treatment plan ahead of time.
  • When speaking to your insurance, you must mention that you will be seeing Dr. Tachdjian at our specific office location:1301 20th St #380 Santa Monica 90404; If you use only Dr. Tachdjian, they may no match up with the wrong location.  We are glad to provide you with any procedure codes and units of service you will need to facilitate your conversation with insurance.


Is considered “Self-Pay Status”,   and payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. 

If you need to fax over any past medical records from your physician’s office, please use this fax number: 

310-998-0063.  Please note, that we are not linked with any of your other doctor’s offices or external patient portals and therefore are unable to access your records.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out, 310-998-0063, or by email:

We look forward to meeting you soon!


We offer a variety of comprehensive testing for food allergens, venom, drugs allergies, and environmental testing.


We perform eNO tests for diagnosing asthma and spirometry tests for diagnosing COPD and general lung function.


We offer a variety of treatments from drug desensitization, immunoglobulin replacement, and allergen immunotherapy.


Trigger point injections combine techniques of acupuncture, local anesthesia, and your body’s natural pathways to boost your own immune system.